Imagine an employee working 9 to 5 and never receiving positive or negative feedback on how he or she is performing that job. Not only is the feeling of confusion present, but everybody needs to know how well they are doing to be motivated to do even more. Therefore it is very important for you as a director or a manager to give feedback to your employees so that they may know what they are doing right and what are the areas that call for improvement.

However, if you are managing a large company, it may be difficult to evaluate everybody and help them achieve better results on the basis of their evaluation. One of the useful tools for this is the use of employee evaluations, such as 360 evaluation.

Through employee evaluation tools, you will be able to give valuable feedback to employees, thereby self-motivating them to improve their results and get an idea of what is expected of them and where is the room for improvement. A 360 evaluation is an easy solution that should be conducted every once and a while not only for your employees to get feedback and extra motivation, but for you as well to get an insight and to motivate your workforce.

On the other hand, by giving feedback you also nurture the delicate relationship a manager and employee have. If you ask them questions and get feedback, while they get absolutely nothing in return, the revolt might be starting to look more likely.

Using 360 evaluation and sharing the thoughts and ideas with your employees will bring you closer to them and will definitely affect your popularity – which is, by the way, very important for the ethics and motivation in a functioning company.