Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Too many a business owners run their business as usual and find it very confusing and paradoxical when their business starts losing customers one by one. There can be many different reasons for this kind of thing to happen.

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One of the most common ones is that we took too much time focusing on what we are offering and too little time on what customers were demanding and how were they satisfied with our products or services. Either the habits of customers changed through the years or there came another company offering similar products – this are only two options to the why.
The great thing is that we can find a solution to the problem if we know why – and we can know why by doing customer satisfaction survey and extracting the data from our clients to give us an insight in what is actually going on and why are we losing customers.

The smartest way of finding out what our customers thinks about us and our products or services is via online survey tools. This is the simplest, financially affordable and most objective method obtained the data we need. Let’s say that we are producing TVs – they were selling great for years, but the revenue is starting to decrease.

Knowing that customers think standard TVs are not as good as for example HD TVs gives us a valuable insight. Not only this, it also gives us the solution – people want HD TVs. Producing and, even more importantly marketing them as such will not only keep the customers we have, it will if done correctly increase our customers base.

In addition, with customer satisfaction tools we can also get the idea of how much more people are willing to pay for HD TVs – is that $100 or $200 more. Knowing this gives us a tremendous advantage when planning a pricing strategy or marketing strategy.

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Online survey tools about employee evaluations

Have you ever wondered how much time you might have to put into going through piles of papers when it comes to evaluating your employees or trying to decide which new applicant is perfectly suited for the position that recently opened in your company? Well, let us answer that for you, too much time. There are so many other ways that you can actually speed up this process and one of those is having an survey tool for it, an online especially.

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Asking Employee’s their Opinion 

Online survey tool can be hands solving when it comes to actually going through dozens if not hundreds of applications and evaluation results from applicants and employees since they can pile up the information for you, and do organize it in whichever way you want them to be organized. With the freedom of tidying up all of the information in any way you want to, you can access anything you need at any time with ease. It’s pretty handy if you are for example, looking for a certain kind of applicant that qualifies in certain things required for the open position you are offering.

Other than the fully customizable organizational features an online survey tool can provide, it can also be really handy time-wise, since it provides you with results out of all the entries in it in no time and actually allows you to make decisions in no time by providing information on the results in a really detailed and informative manner. So, when you are evaluating your employees, you can see straight away which ones stand out from the rest for being better or worse than others regarding their performance in the company and the reasons why the results came out the way they did.

Many big companies out there are using online survey tools already to maximize their time efficiency when it comes to evaluating their employees, and by just providing them with a standard questionnaire every time, they have all they need to actually get results of what they need. So all you need to do, is actually get an online survey tool for your company, start making questionnaires and start giving out links to your employees and/or applicants to actually go online and fill in the questionnaires you put up for them.

With such an easy process of getting results, it should be a no-brainer when the time comes to decide how you are going to manage your company regarding the employee evaluation and employment departments. You might want to have straight-up interviews with all of your applicants, but in order to do that, you will have to have lots of time in your hands as well. So why not be able to distinguish which ones are the ones that are actually worth spending your time over an interview to hear their story and which ones are not.

An online survey tool is basically a tool that shouldn’t be missing from many serious companies and

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Use Online Survey Tools to Evaluate Employees

Having the best workforce is something every employer wants. There are problems, of course, about how to determine which people are the key people that you want to keep and which employees are there only for the salary. Survey tools such as questionnaires can prove employers with credible information about what employees think of each other and of the employers. In such a way, one can get a valuable insight into the workings of the employees just with basic survey tools and draw conclusions based on the questionnaire in question revealing the holes and the strong points in the workforce.

Online surveys are the best to use. If you as an employer start to hand out list with questions about other employees to everybody, there is going to be suspicion and division among the taskforce. On the other hand, if you take advantage of online surveys everybody can be more discrete about what they are doing. Because other employees can’t see at all times what someone does or writes on his or hers computer you will get more reliable and objective data. This is very important – every questionnaire in survey tools you are using has to be reliable, based on realistic data.

What is more, online surveys are very convenient to use. In such a way, you will not spend hours putting together the survey and copy, distribute and gather the questionnaires – you can do all this with online survey tools in a matter of minutes and your employees with do the rest. In such a way, you will optimize your time and extract the purest data from your workforce so you will be able to focus on data analysis and get the solutions. It is quick, simple and it will provide you with the most optimum data – online surveys are the way to go.

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Employee 360 evaluations for better working relations

Imagine an employee working 9 to 5 and never receiving positive or negative feedback on how he or she is performing that job. Not only is the feeling of confusion present, but everybody needs to know how well they are doing to be motivated to do even more. Therefore it is very important for you as a director or a manager to give feedback to your employees so that they may know what they are doing right and what are the areas that call for improvement.

However, if you are managing a large company, it may be difficult to evaluate everybody and help them achieve better results on the basis of their evaluation. One of the useful tools for this is the use of employee evaluations, such as 360 evaluation.

Through employee evaluation tools, you will be able to give valuable feedback to employees, thereby self-motivating them to improve their results and get an idea of what is expected of them and where is the room for improvement. A 360 evaluation is an easy solution that should be conducted every once and a while not only for your employees to get feedback and extra motivation, but for you as well to get an insight and to motivate your workforce.

On the other hand, by giving feedback you also nurture the delicate relationship a manager and employee have. If you ask them questions and get feedback, while they get absolutely nothing in return, the revolt might be starting to look more likely.

Using 360 evaluation and sharing the thoughts and ideas with your employees will bring you closer to them and will definitely affect your popularity – which is, by the way, very important for the ethics and motivation in a functioning company.

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